BBN Congress Management is a PCO - a professional congress organizer and provides a complete service for the organization of conferences, congresses, seminars, symposiums, promotions, and other scientific and professional gatherings. In addition to its core business, BBN also provides consulting services in the areas of hotel management, congress tourism, architecture and construction during the design, construction and renovation of congress facilities.

Organization of webinars

BBN offers its clients the possibility of organizing webinars, i.e. online conferences, through available platforms – Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Software application for submission of papers

Typical steps in the organization of a conference, among others, include submitting a topic, approving a topic submission, submitting a prepared paper, performing an appropriate anonymous review, submitting a presentation, technical preparation, and other steps depending on the specifics of the specific meeting.

Technical equipment and equipment of the exibition space

Monitoring the development of technical equipment is one of the essential features of BBN CM and therefore we always offer advanced multimedia solutions. sound system, wireless microphones, equipment for simultaneous translation, audio visual equipment, projector, computers, and everything else..

Professional Conference Organization

BBN offers a wide range of services in the field of professional organization of gatherings, congresses, symposiums, conventions, seminars, assemblies, conferences, press conferences, promotions, presentations, courses, round tables, business meetings…