Typical steps in the organization of a conference includes, among other things, the submission of a topic, approving a topic submission, submission of a prepared paper, performing an appropriate anonymous review, submission of a presentation, technical preparation, and other steps depending on the specifics of a concrete meeting.  

The software application Conf.Manager offers support in the organization of conferences, i.e. it is an intuitive tool which provides a simple procedure for going through all the aforementioned stages, and enables the organizers to have a clear overview of the situation at any moment (managing deadlines, managing automatic notifications, etc.).

The current version of the software application contains the following basic functionalities:

  1. Submission of a topic (paper):
  • It is possible to submit a topic bilingually (e.g. in both Serbian and English language);
  • When registering an order of topics, it is possible to choose a topic and a sub-topic of the paper;
  • Submission of student papers and poster presentations;
  • When submitting a paper, it is possible to select the existing authors from the user database in the software application, or to possibly create a new user of the software application.
  1. Overview of submissions in the system:
  • Overview by current status of the submission;
  • Overview by topics and sub-topics;
  • Search by different features of the submission;
  • Exporting of data on searched submissions to an Excel file.
  • Submission managers have the ability to quickly check the status of each submission (e.g. the number of reviews, number of files, etc.).
  1. Sending different files through the software application (papers, presentations and posters):
  • Sending certain files related to the submission through the software application, depending on the status of the submission;
  • Automatic generation of a PDF file based on which the paper is reviewed.
  1. Reviewing a topic (giving an opinion on a topic):
  • Topic reviews are prepared by members of the programme committee;
  • Comments on the summary can be made by topics (defining the topic mentor).
  1. Performing a review of a paper:
  • Reviews are provided anonymously, from by the reviewer and the author;
  • The design of the review form is configurable through the system by the administrator, whereby it is possible to set whether the fields are visible to authors or only to submission managers.
  1. Performing a technical review of the paper:
  • The design of the technical review form can be configurable through the system by the administrator;
  1. Asking questions on the topic (final stage prior to presentation):
  • Questions are asked by expert rapporteurs.
  1. Submission administration:
  • Editing reviewers, technical editors and expert rapporteurs in respect of the submission;
  • Changing the current status of the submission;
  • Record of special comments related to the submission, for administrator’s needs.
  1. Management functionality of the user account:
  • Downloading personal data and possibly deleting the user account (user’s personal data protection);
  • Special privileges within the system: administrator, programme committee member, reviewer, expert rapporteur and technical editor;
  • Defining the minimum set of data which is necessary for a registered user to be an author.
  1. Other functionalities:
  • Overview of all the data on registered users, with the possibility of exporting the data to an Excel file;
  • Sending of automatic notifications to interested parties in the topic submission process and during the topic’s course through corresponding statuses;
  • The appearance of automatic notifications can be edited;
  • Ability to view all e-mail notifications sent to the user;
  • All changes related to the submission are recorded in the system (date and time, description of the change, and the user who made the change);
  • Editing conference topics and sub-topics in the software application;
  • Presentation in Serbian Cyrillic and Serbian Latin script, as well as in English script (it can be adjusted in which of the offered languages the script is available);
  • All important deadlines (date and time) can be defined through the software application (deadlines for the submission of a topic, submission of a paper, amendments to a paper, sending a presentation, preparing a review, etc.).
  • A high degree of configurability of the software application (statuses applied to the submission, the existence of a technical editor and expert rapporteur, privileges of the programme committee).
  • The possibility of setting relative deadlines for reviews, the possibility of accepting/rejecting a review, the possibility of withdrawing a submission and other options.

The software application is constantly being improved and developed. If you are interested in using this system, please contact us via the following e-mail address: