MedPower 2016

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The Mediterranean Conference on Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Energy Conversion that belongs to a series of Conferences that have established a major energy platform in the region will be held in Belgrade, 6-9 November 2016. The Conference was focused on topics of interest to the Electric Power Industry. It addressed the significant technological changes in all areas of the electric energy including business, products, equipment and methods.

The jubilee, 10th MedPower 2016 Conference provided power engineers and technicians, academicians and people from industry with opportunities to be updated on current academic and industry developments, achievements and trends through presentations and open discussions. Presentations emphasised the regional needs and peculiarities of environmental aspects associated with electric power generation, transmission, energy conversion, distribution systems and modern control. Recent experience in the topics of competitive electric energy market and privatisation of European Utilities will be addressed.

All information regarding the event available at the conference web site: