EEI 2018

Kapetan Misino zdanje3International Conference "Energy and Ecology Industry EEI2018" has been established celebrating 20 anniversary of Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia (AESS). 

The following topics were addressed:

  1. Analysis of energy systems, pumps, gas and hydraulic turbines
  2. Connection between environmental protection and energy production
  3. Ecological, economic and social effects of the use energy sources
  4. Efficiency and optimal energy development
  5. Electricity transmission and power distribution systems
  6. Environmental considerations in energy systems
  7. Experiments in energy infrastructure
  8. Global warming and climate change
  9. Incidents and accidents in power systems and troubleshooting
  10. Innovation in the energy sector
  11. Management systems in energy and process engineering
  12. Modernization and revitalization of power systems
  13. Monitoring and predictive maintenance
  14. Renewable energy sources – "Green energy"
  15. Strategic planning of energy development and energy policy
  16. Use of coal, oil and gas