BBN-a celebrated its 25th Anniversary

proslava branka

On Friday November 28, 2014, BBN celebrated its 25th Anniversary in Belwood Kosutnjak in Belgrade. The event brouhgt many old and new friends of BBN, associates, acquaintances and colleagues together to mark a quarter century of stable and successful business of this small Belgrade company. On this occasion, Mrs. Branka Bjelica, owner of the company, gave an emotional speech of how she and her late husband Mr Ninoslav Bjelica first came up with the idea of starting a business and also used the opportunity to thank to the BBN's managing team for all their efforts and knowledge invested in the company in past several years.

BBN used the opportunity to hand special awards to its past and present clients, who gave their total trust to the company and with which BBN built strongest ties over the years.

  • Mr Vojislav Milić, former JUKO CIGRE president
  • Nenad Katić, PhD, first JUKO CIRED president
  • Dragoslav Jovanović, PhD, current CIRED Serbia president
  • Prof. Goran Jankes, PhD, Society of Thermal Engineers and a long term partner in the organization of thermal and energy conferences
  • Prof. Milan Radovanović, PhD, president of the Society of Thermal Engineers
  • Vojislav Vuletić, PhD, long term general secretary of the GAS Association of Serbia
  • Prof. Krsto Lipovac, PhD, Road Safety Association of Serbia

The guests enjoyed a great buffet pepared thoughtfully by Belwood Staff and a great music performance by Girls, Boys and Toys.